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Expert Recruiters

First and foremost, we are expert recruiters. While interacting with our clients, we noticed that we are also a consulting firm. By providing key information, we help our clients make organizational decisions. Sometimes our information is extremely valuable, because it is information that can only be obtained through thousands of hours of communications with potential candidates; who also happen to be industry experts. The value of our information inspired us to create and publish Culture of Experts, our proprietary talent program.

Our primary expertise will always be recruiting, however, we offer additional services as tools for talent acquisition and talent development. Unlike most consulting firms, we took the time to transform our intellectual property into written words and offer it completely free. Culture of Experts is available as both a free resource and testament to our philosophies. is not an e-book. It does not require a reading application. There is no log-in. It is 100% free. Culture of Experts is a web-labyrinth. It can be read from beginning-to-end or the reader can follow a unique path, that follows their curiosity. It is designed so that the reader can clearly ingest a large amount of conceptual information within a short period of time. This information is very condensed, void of fluff and filler. The content is not static and may be updated by us at any point in time. Readers are encouraged to recommend additional information or provide feedback for changes. Go to and explore.

Because our client interactions inspired the creation and publication of our proprietary talent program, Culture of Experts, it only makes sense to offer real-time consulting services. For our recruitment clients, many of our consulting services are free. The only thing that we ask is that the information exchange travel in both directions. Information regarding activity, relevant information, strategy, project details, ideas, the testing of ideas, failure, new ideas resulting from failure and the anatomy of mastery. We learn as much from our clients and candidates as they learn from us. Within a Culture of Experts, we build on concepts, share information and strive to replicate success.

Culture of Experts was developed for HR professionals, hiring managers, company leadership and corporate trainers. Although, not yet published publicly, we have additional Culture of Experts content designed to help develop experts, aspiring experts and potential experts. If you are looking for content that can motivate your employees, ask us about these resources. Publication coming Q2 2021.

Conference of Experts

COVID-19 has kept us apart. We have learned to live with remote communications, however, the benefits of face-to-face interactions have become more apparent. In 2021, we will be anticipating the end to the pandemic and monitoring safety. When face-to-face is again safe, we will be organizing Conference of Experts events in the Buffalo, NY area.

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