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Recruitment Specialization:
• Technical Leadership
• Engineers / Technicians
• Software Developers
• Skilled Tradespeople
• Sales / Sales Managers
• Project Managers
• Unconventional Experts
• Generalist Recruitment

Industry specialization:
• Technology
• Manufacturing
• Software Development
• R&D / Design
• IT / MIS
• Big Data / Analytics
• Artificial Intelligence
• Financial / Fintech
• Insurance
• Pharmaceuticals
• Industrial Fabrication
• Aviation & Aerospace
• Digital Media

We bring experts together

What if your recruitment firm was also a consulting partner that offered free advisement on expert-level talent?

What if they provided a 100% free talent program designed to help you interview and evaluate the expert-level talent that they find?

If your company strives to be an expert-driven organization, Human Castle Executive Search is a recruitment firm that is uniquely qualified to get you there.

Can we find you an expert today?

Culture of Experts

We not only have a proprietary talent program, we offer it as a free online publication. Check it out now at


Within a Culture of Experts, we offer consulting services. Many services are free for recruitment clients.

Expert Development

Within a Culture of Experts, we offer employee motivational content for aspiring experts.

Conference of Experts

We bring experts together. This is not limited to recruitment. Post-COVID, we will be organizing face-to-face Conference of Experts events.

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