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Recruitment Specialization:
• Technical Leadership
• Engineers / Technicians
• Software Developers
• Skilled Tradespeople
• Sales / Sales Managers
• Project Managers
• Unconventional Experts
• Generalist Recruitment

Industry specialization:
• Technology
• Manufacturing
• Software Development
• R&D / Design
• IT / MIS
• Big Data / Analytics
• Artificial Intelligence
• Financial / Fintech
• Insurance
• Pharmaceuticals
• Industrial Fabrication
• Aviation & Aerospace
• Digital Media


Major Vendor Partnerships


Human Castle is an official vendor partner with U.S. Bank.


Human Castle is an official vendor partner with Moog.

Success Story

When a leading big data software development company was eager for senior software developers, they reached out to Human Castle. The challenge was intense, as these engineers were not only difficult to find, they were needed within a very short period of time. Human Castle filled four developer positions within six weeks. Because of Human Castle, this rapidly growing organization was able to keep its competitive edge.

Success Story

When a global pharmaceutical manufacturer needed top technical talent, they reached out to Human Castle. Filling positions within this organization was no easy task, as the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, requiring specific skills. Within a few months, Human Castle filled several key positions that were crucial to the company’s process.



Our accomplishments are always preceded by countless hours harvesting quality candidates:


  • Time learning job requirements and client needs.
  • Time conducting deep-dive internet research.
  • Time speaking with potential candidates – selling them on the opportunity at hand.
  • Time networking within career circles.
  • Time conducting conversational interviews that provide insight into what makes candidate tick.
  • Time spent on candidates who never reach the client.


When our competitors give up and move on to the next project, we’re just getting started.

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