Consulting Services

Within a Culture of Experts, we offer consulting services. For recruitment clients, many of our services are free. See our services below.


Culture of Experts Consulting Services

We offer as a free talent program, however, some concepts may inspire a deeper dive. We can provide customized consulting services to address specific needs.


Recruitment Methodology Consulting Services

Are your organization’s internal recruiting practices in need of improvement? We can help establish a solid foundation for job posting practices and proactive search. When internal practices are exhausted, we are always available for contingent search.


Job Offer Negotiations

Did you know that an unreasonably high percentage of job offers get declined because of hard feelings within a hostile negotiation process? As a third party negotiator, we can keep negative emotions at bay and close the deal.


Third Party Talent Solicitation

Is there a key person within the industry that you want to recruit, but prefer not to contact directly? Let us contact them for you.

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